Vice Slutever Show Season 2 Finale: San Francisco Sex Mecca

Get ready to jump head first into the fetish puddle!



18 Replies to “Vice Slutever Show Season 2 Finale: San Francisco Sex Mecca”

  1. i’ve been reading your blog avidly for over a year now! i love your stories/videos/style of writing and its been really inspiring to me! dont stop, and don’t hide who you are, ever. you’re awesome/and pretty/and skinny/and funny/and i’m incredibly jealous of your life. keep it up, girl!

  2. when i was 19 i drove to SF in a VW bus trying to find the meaning of life. i found my #soulmate, the meaning of #life and the #castro.

    while i am still into my soulmate and the meaning of life — i’ve still yet to incorporate the castro thing. i can’t have
    E V E R Y T H I N G

  3. that was literally the best thing you’ve ever done!! no one could have pulled that off like you — it was funny, but sincere, and educational, and “liberating”… anyone else would have either made everyone seem like weirdos in a fishbowl or acted all boring and over political about it. you fit right in and had fun, and came across really cool and likeable. congrats!

  4. Ahaha lovely finale. I love that it featured so much people of all ages and sizes not majorly just young… thin… tan… “perfect”… people, if you know what I mean. Sex is for everyone and you do a great job in dealienating people from fetishes and peeing and whatever! Yay!

  5. bring on season 3! love it! don’t let the nasty comments get you down. haterz gonna hate n all. Loved the pony lady….butt plug tail not so much.

    random question but what brand lipstick/eyeliner do you use? Always looks perfect. xxx

  6. I deeply admire the freedom of sexuality and personal expression of these people and I love this city for letting do freely whatever they want to do..

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