Vice Slutever Show: V-Cards

What is the right age to lose your virginity? Who should you do it with? Should you wait and lose it to someone you love, or should you just get railed by a random? I don’t fucking know… let’s ask some experts, DUH!

Special thanks: Adri Murguia, Martina Boyeras, Greg Eggebeen, Mariano Carranza and Lessa Millet



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  1. Gawd, I always thought hymen reparation was icky but I guess it does save some oppressed chicks’ lives/marriages. I wouldn’t let sutures near my vag for no man.

  2. ^nik, that hymen myth is way outta control.
    After school sex ed and many a years of cosmo, didn’t learn it till I talked to a nurse when I was like 17, seriously messed up, and ever more, I’m having to constantly tell my peers how wrong they are. And now we have ‘hymenoplasticians’ making money out of it?!! It’s like a religiously fueled diet pill trade!

  3. Hahaha. On Masturbation:
    Pastor: “…we believe that you’re spilling that seed onto the ground”
    Karley: “Like Onan”
    Pastor: “On the person or on the ground however you choose it.”

    Excellent stuff. PS I love your virgin outfit.

  4. Great contrast n so spot on. Maxlolz on the interview with dr. Rho.

    Ps. The girl who said picnic is a non sexual activity obvs never heard of Cruel Intentions.

  5. WOW. What a great video, and a great blog! I wish there had been something like this around in the “sexual revolution” 1960s & 70s when I grew up (I’m 65). You combine valuable information with strong video production, humor and formidable personal communication skills in a way that’s about equally educational and entertaining. I never heard of hymenoplasty so even a DOM (dirty old man) like me can learn something from you. And I’m glad to see you live in Brooklyn, the most interesting, diverse and creative place on earth. Keep up the good work!

  6. I actually sent you a question about this maybe a year ago, I cast away my virginity into the fiery pits of hell (Where I shall undoubtedly end up soon enough) little over a month ago.
    I’m not religious, my wanting to wait was a mixture of being fucking nervous about the whole deal and wanting it to be with someone I liked and felt safe with. I don’t regret waiting at all, even though it was by no means a revalationary “hallelujah” moment for me, nor was it worrying or awkward, it’s just another great part of the human experience. I’m not in love with the girl I had sex with, but I’m really glad it was her!
    If there’s one tiny pearl (necklace) of wisdom I can pass on, it’s that you should never let anyone else decide when it’s right for you, your friends, society. Never allow yourself to be pressured. If you’re relaxed, if you feel safe and comfortable with the person you’re with, then have fun and be safe!

    Thanks for the advice Karley!

  7. Dude! Dude!! I cannot get over it. These people are so hypocritical that is laughable. Once I kissed this guy who was like 48 and he married virgin and did not kiss anyone but his wife. Let me tell you it was the worst kiss I have ever had not even when I was 14 years old and this guy’s breath smelled like shit. But I was so desperate that I kissed his shit reeking mouth and still it was better than this god loving christian 48 year old douche. It was like getting fist by his tongue. Treating women’s virgin vagina as a gift to a man is disgusting. This is so fucking backwards, that is why we have men in Congress deciding for our vaginas. We are not gifts to men. We are smart human beings, we are not objects. Fuck this religious bullshit. Nonetheless Great video !!!!!!!

  8. BTW Karley, I fucking love your blog. We the readers are watching you mature into this amazing writer and journalist.

  9. finally started watching your videos. youre such a babe! (but you already know that) super jealous of whoever gets to lay down next to you and take all day long naps. xoxoxoxxxxx simon

  10. Funny as ever! Just read last week’s Sunday Times Style section where you got a mention. Now THAT is glamorous! xxx

  11. Karley you are the best! So smart and funny. I enjoyed watching this even though it’s been a while since I lost my V-card. And oh, please post some more “Ask Slutever”, love those. Toodles

  12. OMG best episode so far. The bit at the end when you asked him if he had seen Mean Girls? So good, I died.

    Also the close up on Infinite Jest on Jill Filipovic’s bookshelf <3 <3 <3

  13. I *wish* that there was some way that we coudl talk about women having sex fo rhte first time, without appealing to a metaphor of loss.

    Having sex for the first time is a loss of ignorance, perhaps, but not a loss of any positive quality.


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