Video Memories: Blood Orange Tour Special

A couple months ago I briefly joined the fabulous Blood Orange (AKA Dev Hynes) on his tour of America supporting Florence and the Machine. The places I went included Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and LA, and all of the tragic, middle-of-nowhere wastelands in between. I learned first hand on that trip that there are lots of places in America, for example small towns in Arizona and random places in the middle of the Nevada desert, where iced soy lattes and tofu scrambles are not options on the menu. For realz, there was not a single beet and carrot smoothie to be had for miles. I was horrified. People were literally eating WHITE BREAD in PUBLIC. And then at one point I kind of lost it and was like, “Excuse me, I wanted fresh peaches, not caramelized, peach-flavored chunks that came from a can,” and Dev was all, “Please shut the fuck up, you’re embarrassing me, I want to die.” He also kept insisting that everyone in every roadside town was staring at us because they were racist, which was probs true, but I also think they were just in awe of the fact that, in any given establishment, we were the only people under 250lbs.

Anyway, there were some really fun and #glamorous parts of the trip too, which I’ve made a record of in the form of this completely incoherent video. The video stars Dev Hynes with guest appearances by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, Phoebe Collings-James, Imogene Strauss and Tabitha Denholm.

Also, FYI, Dev is the best songwriter on earth. Check out the new Solange Knowles song he wrote, and the new Sky Ferreira song he wrote. Yeah, I KNOW RIGHT? Fuck.



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  1. Massively gutted that there wasn’t any Florence in this. But I did enjoy the shot of the girl on the piano, when her crotch looked like the black abyss.

  2. Very nice how you and your friends manage to keep the unbearable lightness of being, well, bearable. At least, make it look that way. I enjoy watching these light snippets of life. Keep them coming.

  3. “People were literally eating WHITE BREAD in PUBLIC.” that is so funny!

    “He also kept insisting that everyone…” SHOCKER!!!?what?the black guy thinks everyone around him is starring at him SHOCKER!!! if in fact everyone were starring is it not at all possible it’s due to how paranoid YOU may appear? HA!

  4. The hand-flip on 1:30 is amazing. Makes me sad I live in Arkansas. It may seem pathetic but I’m going to use this vid as inspiration to be as happy in my 20’s as your beautiful life-clips lead me to believe I should be! Pretty tragic, I know.

  5. I love the shallowness and complete lack of empathy that runs through this blog. It is such a metaphor for today.

  6. “Excuse me, I wanted fresh peaches, not caramelized, peach-flavored chunks that came from a can”

    Says the girl that used to live by eating out of pret’s garbage.

  7. Reading the text gave me high expectations of this video. After watching it I think it’s a genius summary. Brilliant. I could watch a couple of hours of this kind of footage. ^_^

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