Video Memories

I wonder if one day, when I’m old, I’m going to show these videos to my children and say, “This is what my life was like before I had wrinkles, before my tits were saggy, and before my vaj was destroyed giving birth to you. This was happiness.”



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  1. Hey guys, if you like slutever then hopefully your’ll like our blog (emphasis on hopefully). Its really new but if you want to give us a look in and maybe leave some comments we’ll definitely get back to you. Dream situation Karley gives us an interview/endorsement/recognition (she’s amazing and I love her).

  2. it’s danish, the stuff on the board-thing.
    “those who eat cheese are retards, because cheese has holes and it stinks” lolzy

  3. I am truly in love with you, you are a goddess! You are a such a beautiful, loving and smart person that it almost hurts! :) I am super happy and feel extraordinarily motivated to go out and make shit happen – thank you for being an inspiration.

    Love, Zed

    PS that Russian guy towards the end of the flick – HAWT! Please tell me he aint gay.

  4. in a desperate attempt to see justice, i stood outside oggling through those brick windows. Later they left through the side door and i motherfucking hugged gaspard auge. it was a glorious moment. I think i scared him though. probs.
    i’m terribly jealous you were there. better you than some hipster scumb- …oh wait.

    haha <3

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