Video Memoriez

Behind the scenes of the life of a reality TV starlet.

P.S. Can you spot Tavi??



21 Replies to “Video Memoriez”

  1. O _M_ G_!

    so much here. my left breast is as big as your right one.

    TAVI is new school, BO is THE SCHOOL, and me OLD folks are the NEW school that tells you how the OLD SCHOOL is actually stoopid (IMO).

    what else: i am the OLD folks. i will write more when after i watch this again

  2. i am sooo beyond trend! i am too OLD for that!

    hamilton is a really good sport. and he might have grey hair in just a while-

    tavi in my opinion is kind of gay (in a bad way)

    lastly, the coffee by the skinny dom and MAYDERSON!!! LOV!

    1. Dude, it’s totally a Birman, I used to have two. And apparently you can walk them if you train them early enough. IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE! ps Dev and Tavi and Hamilton and Karley <3

  3. ahh what is the song around 00:17-00:20 i can’t remember what it is and its driving me crazy!

    and yes full slutever tape plz!

  4. not interested in yawny vintage cutsy whatever tavi at all but the blonde girl in the last scene. wow. so beautiful.

  5. notes

    1) go to bard and learn how to say ‘wanTON’ (like the measurement)

    2) good to know being a sex blogger doesn’t make you any better at bjs

    3) nice tits <3 <3

  6. Karley beautiful and Tavi is beautiful and that cat is beautiful. also I’m an 18 year old girl and I masturbate to this blog on the reg. XOXOX~~

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