Video Memoriez 3

Why hello. Yet again I have compiled a selection of some of the things I’ve been looking at through my eyes as of late. I hope you enjoy it. I recently got back to NYC after a two week vacation in London. It was so amazing, I don’t think I realized how much I missed it, or how integral London and my friends there are to who I am (cheesy) until I went back and saw everyone again. FUCK! Whatever. Also, I hoped you liked my last post about Mistress Dee, because I have many more stories about her that will be told very soon. We’ve been spending much quality time beating up and peeing on strange men recently. Life is lolz?

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15 Replies to “Video Memoriez 3”

  1. weird! saw the holy mountain just recently and it was one of the most amazing films i've ever seen. it really was quite like beeing on acid without acid.

  2. endlessly jealous of ur lyfe girl; wish i had tha balls the take my ass to london just to live right. gotta be in the middle of the shit. also lyk whats that song ur friends in the red sweatshirt and light washed jeans are dancing to?

  3. wow!!! i never expected to see jodorowsky in any of your videos, this is definitely a small world, sorry i didn`t tell i`m from chile , and he is one of my favourites film makers .
    Great video Blog

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