Video Memoriez

More video memoriez for you to jerk it to. Note the appearence of my (now IRL) friend Manuel Solano.



16 Replies to “Video Memoriez”

  1. This is so funny. I'm laughing really really hard irl right now! you're awesome! and could you please tell manuel que pienso q es awesome también? [:

  2. 1. dev can't sing. i don't get it.2. your brother and his girlfriend are the most boring hipsters ever.3. manuel solanos mullet is just awful.

  3. @lol, whaaaat? in the least offensive way, jealous of what? i seriously mean, like, what am i being jealous of, not 'there is nothing about these people that would make me feel jealous'1 – am i jealous that im not selling out venues for being a warbly hipster motherfucker? sure. it sounds like an easy enough way to make money, so i guess.2 – am i jealous that im not one half of a hipster relationship? not really.3 – am i jealous i dont have a mullet? not even a little bit.

  4. I actually think that Dev has a nice voice. It kinda sounded like some 80's R&B, I really liked that song…or the clip anyways.

  5. @dude1) It's silly and pointless to complain, or even think about, hipsterism. Seriously, it's like what happened with the emos but way more distorted, there are no guidelines here. But well, h8rs gunna h82) The Mighty Mullet Society scorns you, we're after you and your family now, we gonna smite you down.

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