Video Memoriez:

Please, sit back, relax, take a hit on the ol’ gravity bong and watch as I tackle that age old question: What is the key to looking famous?

P.S. I shared, now it’s your turn. What was the best thing YOU did this week?



14 Replies to “Video Memoriez:”

  1. spent 3 hours on ustream watching a live kitty (cats) cambeing put on a neo nazi hate list for being outspoken about being anti racist and anti homophobicwore my best glitter for gay pride parade supporting my gay friendssat on my bffs sofa for 4 hours eating sushi watching her fall asleep a few times because she was too hung over and entertained myself by texting friends that were not hungover and sleepingcut my cat Mangos butt hairs so she wont get dingel berriesGot my knee caps tattooed, decided on Russian Mafia star/compass tattoos, didnt hurt as much as hyped up to be spent the whole time texting on my phone, apparently i'm hard corebought strawberries at the market, stoked, got home and all but 3 were moldy, debated for a minute if i could just maybe eat around the mold, like you do with cheese, but decided not and got Popsicles instead next doorTHAT was my week

  2. wau kar-lee your hair/makeup combo is so bombshell high fivesthe best thing i did this week was FINALLY TAKE A SOLID SHIT!!!!!!!! salmonella rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Agree with previous comment. Love the 60's make up.The best thing I did this week was eat pizza for dinner

  4. The best thing I did this week was hang out with a really old guy wearing a car garage employee outfit with American flag print converses ( he was that is.. not I. Though I would gladly dress like him) .. he taught me many amazing things like how to get tan, how his wife needs to loose 200 pounds but you " cant tell her that" , how to drink beer correctly and how to not act drunk so no one knows. Afterwards we followed up with a lenghtly conversation about his childhood and why he chose to never learn to read.Then I went home and cut off a pair of mom jeans to make shorts. Im still contemplating whether or not the pancake ass they create is a good look or not… though looking like a 90's beer add isnt too bad of a thing. Then I sat with my freinds while high on the sidewalk and set off various explosive things and watched old ladies in their " cat/ yarn/ best grandma in the world/ jesus loves you/ maybe a few brids and some pine cones thrown in there" sweatshirts ride by on their bysicles and dissaprove of us. Then we layed there and I took photos of my freinds ass because she had a hole in her shorts.Then I ate some cake. Then I spent the rest of my money on an ice cream cone so im broke untill tuesday… hurrah for me. So now im sitting here contemplating how many people have probobly had sex on my matress. Its so fantastic.

  5. I went out shopping for a saucepan, a sideplate and a microwave. microwaves are expensive please can someone sell me one for less that £20?

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