Video Memoriez

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24 Replies to “Video Memoriez”

  1. Something is up. Nobody suddenly gets hotter like that.did u have plastic surgery? did u get a gastric bypass?are you on meth? whats the deal here

  2. HAY GURLyou are sooooo thin nowdays!! tell me how! this video is like thinspo and can you post a photo of your hair the cut specifically you're giving me fringe inspoinspo inspoinspo

  3. @kvoid The song is Sandstorm by Darude, best dance song from the 90's! And yeah, Karley, you look so nice in this video! The blond looks lovely

  4. seriously how the fuck did she go from a 5 to a 26 out of 10??? the hair?? the bridgitte bardot blond hair style?? the make-up flawless..yeah looking fucking hot as sin here..

  5. Lol @ everyone thinking I used to be ugly. @ TrangPakThis is the photo I was staring at while cutting my hair last week: Cut away!Also, filming yourself with your head really close to the camera makes your body look smaller by comparison. Fact!

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