Video Memoriez

Yesterday I was going through an old hard drive and found a bunch of videos from a Flipcam I briefly owned about two years ago. Unfortunately the Flipcam was eaten by my ex-squatmate Hannah’s vagina, along with many of my other possessions, however in the two weeks that I owned it I managed to get some very groundbreaking and universally important footage. I’ve made a little video montage out of it for your viewing pleasure. The time I owned the cam overlapped with the time my friends and I were evicted from our infamous (lol) squat Squallyoaks, so most of these vids are of Squally’s final days/moving out/doing whatever. Enjoy!



14 Replies to “Video Memoriez”

  1. despite the disgusting hellhole it was (or further became after I left) I fucking miss that disgusting hellhole!

  2. I don't understand why squatters have to be so dirty and messy, i would seriously have a heart attack if i lived like that. I NEED order and super clean, i mean even my 350 dvds are in alphabetical order.You don't have to be a neat freak like me, but i just dont get the fucking mess.Back when i was 15 i used to hang around punk rockers and lived in a rooming house and my room was THE only clean room out of the whole building.aaaaanyway fun video though, lovez the high five cat.

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