Vogue, and the Powerful Female Nude

Myla Dalbesio being her super sexy self, shot by the wonderful Stacey Mark

People freak out whenever a female celeb gets naked. They tend to freak out even harder if said female doesn’t posses Hollywood’s idea of a “perfect” body. I wrote an article for Vogue where I talk about this in slightly more detail. You can read it HERE! :)



8 Replies to “Vogue, and the Powerful Female Nude”

  1. I like you so much less now that you’ve said Kate Upton is the hottest woman in the world. I thought you had better taste than that, c’mon now.

  2. Interesting article. Don’t give a damn about nakedness though Vogue Paris has become a bore due to bare skin in duplication. No imagination left. Freedom in natural setting with no limiting carcasses of unnecessary clothing… Enjoying your blog. Keep up! FAB by Lake Geneva in France. http://fabs.blogg.se

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