Watch Ep. 1 of SLUTEVER—Happy Ending Massages for Women—online NOW :)

Episode 1 of the SLUTEVER show on Viceland is out—an early online preview! In this ep I hunt for a happy ending massage—in name of gender equality, obvs. Turns out it’s harder to find than you think. The 10-episode series officially premiers on Wed July 24th at 10pm on the Viceland cable channel. 

SLUTEVER is an in-depth look at sex, relationships and intimacy in the modern world. Basically, I go on a series of adventures, attempting to demystify contemporary sexuality, while challenging outdated ideas about sex, gender, identity, and love. Some episode topics include: “lifestyle slaves,” sex robots, and sex after gender reassignment surgery.  The goal—obvs—is always to learn and LOL simultaneously. Enjoy!

Host/EP: ME! Karley Sciortino
Director/EP: Adri Murguia @adrimurguia
Showrunner/co-EP: Danielle Franco
Cinematography: Tyler Weinberger; Carrie Cheeks
Production: Anna Casper; Jessica Hinds; Luke Heater
Main theme music: Dev Hynes (“Blood Orange”)



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