‘Sup? I’ve got some good news: the latest Slutever video in my monthly series for Purple is up now! You can watch it HERE! I made it with my friend Mavi Staiano. (I’ve written about Mavi’s art on here a couple of times, AKA stalking project #1 and stalking project #2) The video is me in the bathtub talking about peeing on people and some other stuff. It’s a very edgy and important piece of art and it’s vital that you take it very seriously.

P.S. I’m a filmmaker now kind of.



18 Replies to “WATERSPORTS on Purple TV!”

  1. I agree, you look really beautiful in this video! What did you say about it being illegal for Dee to fuck the guy with a strap on? Why is that?

  2. You are so beautiful. I’ve always thought that since I started reading your blog but in this video you just look so edgy and kind of French. Like something out of a Harmony Korine film.

  3. Damn I ate some pizza bagels while watching this and they were still cold in the middle. LOLERCOASTERS@Edgy+French and Rad Pubes Karley!

  4. I choked on air while watching this, you look so darn sexy. I love how blase you are about sex. I aspire to be more like you!

  5. Your teeth and breasts are like PERFECT.
    You really look like Ashley St Ives, the porn star character from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in this video! rad.

  6. you introduced me to dev & i love you for that and other things. will you stare into cyberspace for this one tumblr? pleez? we are from KY and we need everything we can get. i found you thru x-mas (josh) felice. xxooo

  7. If you can get some of your followers to become prostitutes, I’m all for it. Need more middle-class girls in the profession.

  8. thats how big tits are Dan. check more porn if you cant get girls with big tits.
    You should do a thing about big tits Karley.
    Many girls have done reduction surgery with tits like that, because they think that they are saggy and it is just unfair. For the world.

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