This Week in Sex: April 15

Is scissoring real? What’s the best revenge for being fetishized? Is the NSA watching you masturbate? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

The meme account @thefleshlightchronicles was set up by a young Asian American woman to document the fetishistic shit men say to her in her tinder DMs. It’s hilarious, here’s an interview with her.

Kinky sex can be… loud. Here are some pro-tips on how to soundproof so that you can enjoy whatever it is you enjoy to the max.

What EXACTLY is scissoring? Is it real? Even lesbians don’t seem to know. Here’s the scoop.

This study ranks among those where scientists spend years tinkering just to find out that vegetables are good for you or that not exercising turns you into a sad lump, but in case you need statistical corroboration: people have sex because it feels good.

Porn producer Anna Richards went on the Good Sex Bad Sex podcast and talked about ethical porn, listen to it here.

Speaking of porn, lesbian rapper Young M.A. is directing an adult film for PornHub about what sounds like a lesbian orgy.

Here’s why it’s sketchy to use a dildo that connects to wifi. And yes, it’s because the NSA loves to know when you’re getting off.

Permission to bleed all over your partner, in case you needed it: Sex on your period is good for your health!

In slightly more high-brow news, Elena Ferrante wants more female women writers because they offer “small doorways through which we can glimpse different ways of narrating sex.”

Janelle Monae, pussy pants, queer sex, that’s all.



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