This Week in Sex – Aug 19

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from the orgasm capital of the world to women who cheat. Happy reading, sluts!

Women-led sex positive tech companies are choosing New York over Silicon Valley, and they’re doing fucking great, thank you very much.

Cosmo provides us with a pretty decent article on bisexuality/how having sex with women changed how the (female) writer had sex with men, minus the actual use of the words “sexual experience with women can affect how you bone with people with peens.” Call me a prude but editors, wherefore art thou?

Former dominatrix and founder of online sexual wellness boutique Wild Flower Amy Boyajian outlines 9 common misconceptions about sex, some of which are shockingly rudimentary (you’d hope/think!), and includes an anecdote about teaching her mom where her clitoris is. It’s not as creepy as it sounds.

The Game of Thrones books promised us more lesbian sex than we were given in the show. That’s right, the pervs who run the HBO series could have put in some more steamy lesbian sex, and chose not to.

The New York Post looks at Hacienda Villa, the 14-bedroom Brooklyn brownstone that is home to a sex-positive, polyamorous intentional community.

Along with being a Socialist paradise (albeit really, really white), Norway is also the orgasm capital of the world.

Speaking of Socialist paradises, women had better sex under socialism, apparently

Women cheat differently than men do, and face a more pronounced backlash. Broadly talks to the author of “Cheating: A Handbook for Women” about the cheating double standard.



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