This Week in Sex – Aug 29

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from orgasm tentacles to a very different form of revenge porn. Happy reading, sluts!

Throughout history, men have moped around, wondering: what do women want? (Freud, I see you.) Few thought to just ask a woman. This study reveals the ways in which the women surveyed like to be touched sexually plus some data about the nuances of orgasm.

A 50-something woman discovers sleeping with much younger men, loves it.

Yesterday was the last day for Australians to register to vote for marriage equality, and the good people of Grindr and Tinder are using the apps to urge people to vote. Good on ya, mate. Watch out for those flesh eating sea lice though, babes.

Here’s some genuinely useful information about how to have sex in your car, like, successfully.

A priest hailing from the sacred land of Union, New Jersey has admitted to hoarding kiddie porn in an attempt to spite God because God made him lose at poker. So rude of God.

Lots of British people would be into having sex with a robot, and 40% would consider robot-sex to be cheating on their partner. It’s a ROBOT guys, calm the fuck down.

The first-ever U.S. penis transplant happened, so that’s cool.

Grooby, the leading trans porn platform, is erasing transphobic slurs from its site, huzzah!

Mexican filmmaker Amat Escalante’s latest film features a tentacled monster that gives people powerful orgasms in the woods.



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