This Week in Sex: Designer Condoms and Sapiosexuals

Can queer women get STDs or are they a superior race? Is Elizabeth Warren a cougar? Designer condoms: y/n?

Where’s the sex ed for queer women? They can get STIs too, right?! VICE investigates.

come&gone was invented to help people deal with what journalistically calls “the cum drip.” It’s basically a spongy tampon, or a tiny loofer for your pussy or butt. 

Everyone is like, “how come women cum even though it doesn’t make a baby?” From a study of bunnies, it seems like orgasms used to be the thing that triggered ovulation, and we got the evolutionary hangover!

Jacob Wohl claimed that Elizabeth Warren had an illicit affair with a 24-year-old marine. It isn’t true, but cougars always get our vote.

In the biggest non-event in history, Mark Ronson said he was a sapiosexual, a bunch of people tweeted about it, and then he took it back.

When a Russian man downloaded a crypto app, he was awarded with 69 GayCoins. Apparently this incentivised him to start dating men, and now he’s suing Apple for making him gay.

One of Ryan Murphy’s 4 billion current projects is American Horror Story: 1984. Murphy says he wanted the costumes to “drip in sex.”

Trojan are holding a series of weirdly bro-y promotional parties across the country, where people eat hot dogs and wear blue jerseys. It looks kind of like a tailgate except with sex ed classes, but we can totes bro down for safe sex.

In chic condom news, Saint Laurent now sell designer condoms for €2 a bang.



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