This Week in Sex: Hornyween and Drilddos (??)

What if someone hacks your Bluetooth dildo? Does Halloween make you horny? How do mermaids fuck? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :)

What happens when you stop settling for bad post-date sex? One brave woman tried.

New movie The Lighthouse features a “furious masturbation scene” and a graphic sex scene between Robert Pattinson and a mermaid. How do mermaids fuck, even? Use your mer-vag-ination.

Apparently sexual afterglow can make you happier, more satisfied, and even better at your job for 48 hours post-coitus, so stop checking your emails!!!!

British singles now wait an average of 12 dates before sleeping together?? Confused face emoji.                                                                        

Here are 10 sex-positive porn sites that you don’t have to feel guilty about jacking off to. (TW: they cost actual human money.)

If your sex toy has Bluetooth does that mean it can be hacked?! And… are drilldos a thing now?

Turns out Lil’ Kim was making songs about female oral even before Khia sang, “My Neck, My Back.” Lyrics include: “the only way you seein’ me is if you eatin’ me.”

Apparently some people get “sexy scared” when they watch horror movies. Happy Hornyween! 

Dan Savage’s HUMP! porn festival starts next month! Here’s a link to win 2 free tickets to the Portland weekend.




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