This Week in Sex: The L Word & The Bad Sex Awards

What is the SoulCycle of sex clubs? Are you truly a lesbian if you haven’t seen the L Word? What’s the deal with getting laid when you have 3,000 roommates? This and more in our weekly Sex News!

The L Word, the show that launched a thousand sexual awakenings is being rebooted, and it actually looks like it’s gonna be good!!

What’s the deal with getting laid when you have 3,000 roommates? How loud is too loud, and is it uncool to fuck in the communal spaces?

Sex in water is passé but sex underwater is still unexplored territory. Here’s how to go deep in the deep.

Who got porked on turkey day? Here are some lazy Thanksgiving sex positions (will also work on all other occasions where overeating is mandatory). 

The Bad Sex Awards happens every year to honor the cringiest erotic literary passages. Have you ever touched a penis and felt that you were “manipulating a small monkey that was curling up its paws”? Me neither.

The world’s first permanent vagina museum has opened in London, complete with a book club called “Cliterature.”

Harper’s is calling New York’s NSFW the “SoulCycle of sex clubs,” which I think is supposed to be a compliment…

Ask Stoya: does getting head from a guy as a straight dude make you gay?



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