This Week in Sex: Pansexuality and MAGA Sex

How do you take your pants off without looking super awkward? Where do MAGAs find romance? Are sexy White Claw costumes a sign of the apocalypse? 

Slutever fave Dr. Zhana Vrangalova believes that anal play might be the key to closing the orgasm gap.

The Cut asked a crucial question: is there a way to take off your pants without looking insanely fucking awkward? Illustrated instructions are included.

Sex tourism isn’t just for old straight dudes anymore, so grab your passport and head to a resort like Temptation in Cancun.

Does masc4masc culture on gay male dating apps create a hostile environment for camp guys and femmes? GQ looks at the line between “having a preference” and internalized homophobia.

Big Mouth S3 came out this week and got a lot of heat for how one character explained the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality.

Is sexting a gateway drug to unsafe sex? This Ob-Gyn thinks so.

A wise writer (aka Karley from Slutever lol) once asked whether we should fuck Republicans. If, for some reason you do want to date a MAGA monster, you can join a conservative dating site like (Their tagline is “make America date again,” and props must be given.)

A website called are TROLLING THE WORLD with their sexy Mr. Rogers and sold out sexy White Claw Halloween costumes. They also do sexy Bob Ross, sexy Fake News, and sexy Meat-Free Burger, proving once and for all that nothing is sacred (and we’re all going to Hell).



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