This Week in Sex – Sept 10th

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from porn Gifs to issues in vagina identification. Happy reading, sluts!

Archangel of scholarly terror Betsy DeVos has announced she is rolling back Obama’s policies on campus sexual assault. Fuck you, Betsy.

The OG Boomerang feature and source of pronunciation contention – Gifs – are an unlikely porn source, if you like watching the same thing happen over and over and over until you cum. Here’s where you can find a bunch of them.

Half of the population of the U.K. cannot properly identify a vagina.

Speaking of worrying research, it turns out clitoral stimulation during sexy times is a good thing. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Read about the history of iconic lingerie brand Agent Provocateur here.

Virtual Reality porn is coming to a laptop near you, and calls for use of a dongle – a word I learned in this article.

Turns out the ol’ Bondage/Dominance/Submission/Masochism can help survivors of sexual assault heal and reclaim bodily autonomy.

This nugget of wisdom: Don’t brush your teeth immediately before or after oral sex, and more in this list of ways to reduce your risk of STIs.

Trump officials have officially solved teen pregnancy in just a few wise, eloquent and totally useful words: “Teens, say no to sex.” Why didn’t we think of this before?



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