Why Are Straight Men So Bad at Oral Sex?

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The title of this one kind of sums it up, lol. Read my latest Breathless column for Vogue HERE :)



7 Replies to “Why Are Straight Men So Bad at Oral Sex?”

  1. Miss Karley, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed in the oral sex department. I can say that you have a better chance at having great oral sex by being with an older man. I’m not talking 50-60’s but mid-late 30’s and 40’s. Now it’s not a given someone of that age is a cunning linguist:), but with experience comes knowledge. I happen to be a straight man in his early 40’s that actually enjoys pleasuring a woman orally more than expecting her to reciprocate. For your comment of a male saying he didn’t like how it tasted, I can admit when I first had an experience to perform oral sex on a women in college, I didn’t like it either, but my reasons were appropriate (i.e tuna shack at fisherman’s wharf if you know what I mean). However, after awhile I began to enjoy it and become pretty good at it, from what my female partners disclosed. Men in their 20’s don’t have much of a clue and after being with women perhaps 10-15 years younger than me, I was amazed that some of them never even experienced their partners performing oral sex on them. There is nothing worse than a selfish lover, and hopefully you get a chance to experience someone who puts your needs before them. Happy hunting:)


  2. gay being the opposite of straight, your article title implies that possibly gay men are better at this…no?

    well written…so basically ladies, if you’re receiving cunnilingus from a dude and it doesn’t feel good then give him a little instruction if you want to get off.

  3. Hey, not so fast! I’m a straight man who has been indulging in cunnilingus with my lovers since high school. Granted, I wasn’t very adept at performing it back then, but by my junior year in college I was well on my way to becoming a connoisseur. From the very first time, I’ve genuinely enjoyed going down on women and have loved the full range of flavors and scents they have to offer, never, even in the slightest, being turned off. To me there is nothing more erotic and worthwhile than pleasuring a woman in this way, holding her strongly while she bucks in orgasmic bliss as I take all of her in.

    Most of my love sessions involve cunilingus, with my only complaint being that women cum to quickly for my liking when I’m performing it. My quest for some time now has been to develop a repertoire that will prolong this delectable moment, devising some playful games (e.g., variations on “chasing the cat”, etc.) and utilizing unconventional performance venues that can add an exciting new dimension.

    I’m sure that there are many other men out there that share my passion and energy for pleasing women orally, so women neglected in this way shouldn’t give up hope.

    Happy dining :-?)

  4. U must have had some pretty lame guys do oral on u. I can make my partner cum in 10 to 15 mins on oral alone! She says it’s awesome! Maybe it’s because I have a long tongue? I can touch my nose with it no problem. All the best with ur licking experiences!

  5. Have you thought about what might happen to your sexual desire once (and if) you stop taking all that legal speed (ritalin, adderall, etc)?

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