Why Money is the Biggest Taboo in Relationships

Is money affecting your relationship in ways you don’t even realize? And why is it so easy to hate rich kids? Read my latest Breathless for Vogue to find out HERE :)



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  1. So happy to have seen this article! I just got out of a relationship of 6 years with a guy who’s parents are neighbors with Usher. His dad set him up w a great job in his company and at 26 his mom still buys him office supplies and does his laundry and has never punished him or told him no. The reason we broke up was due to his laziness and lack of work ethic. He had no respect for women, was lazy in all dimensions of his personality. He could never be man I needed and wanted my future kids to look up to. I know not all affluent men and families are like that! But it’s a shame when money makes someone almost useless and ungrateful. So goodbye to the Ritz, the lake house and weekend getaways. Now I’m welcoming back my self-respect/worth and upgrading my life to be with someone of the same values and goals.

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