X-Mas Gifts for Nymphos


Christmas colors are generally red and white. But why is that, when the combination of red and white creates an even better color–pink! This year, get your loved one of the gift of Pink Christmas, the scent! LOL. For some reason SSION (aka the incredible musician, artist and director) has made a holiday perfume. Below is the very creepy ad for it, which features me and Samantha Urbani. If you want to smell like a pink version of X-Mas, you can buy the scent at Vfiles. Oh, and the new band Slink (a combo of SSION, Samantha Urbani and Hunx and his Punx) just released a holiday song, also called Pink Christmas. You can listen to it HERE :)

Or, if you want to get your loved one a gift on the kinkier side, I have the perfect idea for you! Below, watch me unwrap the ultimate gift for the modern, bi-curious, sexually adventurous nymphomaniac <3 (p.s. watch more of Vogue‘s unboxing videos here! )



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  1. We bought that book a while ago and were rather underwhelmed by its quality/content.
    It’s as vanilla as they come, with a bit of basic information about a few kinks here and there, but no substance of any kind.
    Seems more like a fashion accessory to us than a book from which to learn more about sexuality.

    Just our 2 cents.

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