You’ve Got Mail

Obviously I get loads of emails and comments from my fans telling me how amazing and cool and smart I am. Recently I went through and picked out some of my favorite reader comments regarding the Vice Slutever series and did a dramatic reading of them around my apartment in multiple outfits. My friend Adri Murguia, who directs/produces the show, helped me make this important video. Also, episodes 5 and 6 of the series will be out in a couple weeks, so hold tight!

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25 Replies to “You’ve Got Mail”

  1. Karley you’re AMAZING!!! Seriously you crack me up all the time. You’re funny and smart and crazy beautiful. That’s enough of my stalkiness but really…. Huge crush.

  2. i loved you until you got mixed up with vice. why do you want to be associated with that sickening bunch of dorks? you’re better than that. i almost cannot find you adorable in that context even though it’s impossible to deny that you are adorable.

    1. Dude, she’s always been mixed up in VICE. Like, from the very beginning now she just has a totally awesome show there. So really, hip hip hooray for more Slutever.

    1. i know i duh duh duh re karley but you can see her a glimpse of her true nature at these points (IMHO)

  3. your bathroom is really kinda dirty though. i mean i know you lived in sqats — but uhhhhhhhhhh. do a show on idontcareaboutmyhousefashion

    the anti- SELBY

  4. Fuckin’ nicely handled! It’s a damn shame the number of nauseatingly cynical and retardedly spiteful morons that treat Vice as their online hangout. Their lives must be incredibly boring.

  5. Dearest Karley Slurever,
    Hello Miss Karley, I am 22 year old Lindsea from Reno NV, the trashiest drunkest most beautiful city in the west. Hooray! I have been reading your blog for 1-2 (?) years now, and I love it very much. I think you are great! Liberated, smart, funny and fun. Thanks for being excellent. I enjoyed this video of you reading your hate mail alot. It makes all the rude peeeeple who wasted their time acting like stinky brown buttholes seem dumb aswell as rude. Good for you for serving them back what they dished out. You are the best. Stay hot.
    Love Lindsea.

    P.s. I wish I had boobs like yours!! They are 10.0 perf. ;)

  6. karley, to be completely honest i never even imagined there could be people out there who don’t want to fuck/gaze longingly at/be best friends with/worship you, so i guess you must be making this all up or something.

    sexiest butterface i’ve ever seen, girl.

  7. Dear Karley, I just want to know how you keep your body so hot? Like how do you exercise and what do you eat? This is a serious question.

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